TripAdvisor tweaked their new algorithm to stabilize their ranking system, that determines how property rank in comparison with other properties of the same location.

They stopped the fast-risers, the newly listed properties with a few recent good reviews to skyrocket in the rankings. While old properties of the same location with good reviews kept dropping in rankings.

“We designed the enhanced Popularity Ranking algorithm to value quantity and consistency of reviews more significantly than we’ve in the past. Doing so helps stabilize the ranking for all businesses, reduce the fast-riser behavior and create more accurate overall ranking for our travelers.” Says TripAdvisor on their Insights Blog.


What Determine Popularity Ranking?

The algorithm continues to be based on the same three factors;

  • Quality – The overall ratings given by your guests (excluding sub-ratings such as service and value). Higher the ratings, the more you climb on the top position.
  • Recency – The most recent reviews render current experience available at your property. This is one reason fast-risers stayed longer on top compared to older properties.
  • Quantity – The total number of reviews of your property. Consumers prefer to track historical performance of a property by reading older reviews. TripAdvisor use your total number of reviews to determine your position.


What can you Do to Improve your Rankings?

These three factors work together to determine how your property is ranked at your location. It’s about rewarding hotels with consistent better performance. So, how do we achieve that?

1. Commit to Outstanding Guest Service

Understand who is booking with you, his needs and preferences. This will help to personalize their stay experience by adding little touches in your services.

It’s one of the best ways to compete against large chains, getting more guests coming back for your personalized attention.

You can set your own KPIs to see how you perform on serving your guests. Reviews and surveys are best ways to understand how you’re committed to improve guest satisfaction.


2. Work on the Existing Feedback

If your visitors notice you’re not responding and resolving your previous complaints, they’ll conclude you don’t care about your guests. So, they don’t want to be the next victims. You lose bookings, you drop in rankings.

Start to respond, analyze and resolve all guest concerns on reviews websites, OTA websites and social networks.

With a reputation management tools such as Reputami and Reviewpro can help to aggragate all reviews at once rather than using manual process of searching one by one.

Start with the issues can be resolved at the moment proceed to those require more time and resources to be resolved.


3. Resolve Guest Issues on-site

The goal of all your staff members should be centered on improving guest satisfaction. Ensure quality standards for each department are consistently fulfilled.

When a guest reports that the room is dirty and you confirm that is true, you may consider reallocating to another available room immediately while working to clean the room.

Do whatever means possible to make sure your guests leave your property completely satisfied.

One guest can spoil your reputation for your business. You drop in ranking, you lose more brand visibility in your location.

4. Manage Guest Expectations

Be more transparent and truthful about your property. We love to use fancy words with big photos to enliven their imagination so that they can stay with us. You can win the customer but it’s a detriment to brand viability.

Setting high expectation to your guests you cannot meet will add more disappointments. Be honest with your photos, property descriptions and entire communications you make on pre-arrival.

It’s better to lose a booking, than adding more negative feedback online that will hurt your business in the long-term.


5. Offer a Great Value

Guests always want to make sure they’re getting value for every penny spent at your property.

Top ranked properties know this, they emphasize on adding real value on their services with perks such as Wi-Fi, parking and room upgrades are offered for free.

These perks are highly preferred by travelers. Find out how you can add more value to your guests, what do they really care when they stay with you at your property.

Is it Wi-Fi accesss, free breakfast or free parking? Just find perks that most of your guests would love to have.

When a guest finds value for what he paid, he owe himself to reward you with glowing review.


6. Ask to be reviewed

There are different ways to ask for reviews without offending your guest;

  • You can let your staff initiate this through natural conversations with your delighted guests.
  • Use custom reminder cards available in “Free Tools” on TripAdvisor’s Management Center. Add your business name and name of your city. Give the card to your guest at check out to remind them to write a review when they return home.
  • You can use Review Express to collect reviews. The tool allows you to send emails to your previous guests reminding them to review your property.


Enhanced ranking algorithm favors more on the consistency of quality of service. The top ranked hotel enjoy wide customer reach and brand engagement.

They get more guest who satisfied with their services, the same guest keep on adding reviews to their properties.

Hence, this assures them to remain on top for a longer period of time. The property generates more revenue and acquire more guest become loyal to their brand.

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