TripAdvisor provides analytics on management center through your property dashboard to help hoteliers with metrics on visitors, market and competition. These metrics help to improve your online marketing efforts to generate more sales for your business. They are easy to understand. However you may choose to stick with what matters for your business.

You can track the following on your property dashboard;

  • Top visitor sources
  • Traveler types
  • Travelers researching
  • Mobile vs desktop searches
  • Traveler reviews
  • Special offer appearance
  • Photo views and photo upload
  • Competitor performance on reviews and ratings.

These metrics can help your business in different ways;

  1. Effective Targeting of your Visitors.

You have already seen top countries with more visitors to your page. You may use this data when you’re targeting booking leads on TripConnect by TripAdvisor. Because most of your visitors are coming from Italy and Germany, we may consider in the future the idea of translating your website in their local languages. When they visit your website, they understand your content and make decision of reserving direct with property.

  1. Customizing special offers.

You’ve identified most of your visitors to your profile on TripAdvisor are couples and families. You may consider sending offers through TripAdvisor newsletter that are relevant to them. You may create romantic packages, complimentary nights and meals for 2 kids or whatever might be better for them.

  1. Determine your Best Available Rate (BAR). This works if you use dynamic pricing during low and high demand. Looking at our data, we have seen month of February demand for rooms will be high. So, we may think of increasing room rates for this period. When you price your rooms strategically, you’ll increase occupancy rate and maximize revenue for your propert
  2. Upselling other Services Available.

Booking lead time tends to be long for travelers visiting destinations far away from their countries. So, the longer lead time, the enough time you’ve to engage with your guest and upsell other services available at your hotel. You can tap on these pre-stay moments by sharing tips such as best restaurants, best places you recommend to visit so they can have authentic experience of the city.

  1. Benchmark with your Competitors.

TripAdvisor allows you to assess how your property is performing against the competition at your location. You can have a look at overall competitor rating, total number of reviews, reviews generated in last 30 days and any active offer your competitor is promoting on TripAdvisor at the moment. You can also compare your overall performance over your competitors by having competitor set on review performance report.

These metrics enable you to make informed decision based insights you’ve derived from the data. TripAdvisor is more than responding to reviews and questions from visitors. Some of the insights derived can be used to optimize your marketing efforts on other channels.

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