Monitor, Manage and Market your Brand Reputation

Enhance guest experience with a proper reputation management strategy for hotels. We monitor and manage how your property is perceived on the web, and use guest feedback as a leverage to improve guest satisfaction, improve rankings on review sites and grow your hotel revenue.

We aggregate all property reviews and mentions from review sites, booking sites and social networks in one reporting platform.

We offer timely, and professional reviews response for hotels and resorts. We use guest insights as tool to optimize guest experience through improving property service and operations, that ultimately drive more demand for the property.

Our Approach

  1. Setting objectives. We set clear reputation objectives related ratings, rankings and overall reputation score with a timeline to achieve them.
  2. Aligning with your team. Be marketing or entire management team, we come up with strategies required, whether staff training, etc to help to increase guest satisfaction.
  3. Monitor and respond. We craft our custom response for each review need to be addressed. And you approve every review response before we post it on review channels, OTAs and social media.
  4. Sharing sentiment analysis and reporting. We share guest insights about their needs and preferences, benchmark against competitors and areas require attention with recommendation to reach our objectives.
  5. Performance Review. We track our progress on regular basis to understand challenges involved in managing property reputation and improve overall guest experience.

Monitor & Respond

All reviews are aggregated in one place for easy tracking and response on review sites, OTAs and social media.

Listing Optimization

Improving your accommodation listing with profitable SEO terms and engaging contents to influence potential guests into staying with your property.

Post-stay Guest Surveys

We  create short and personalized surveys for guests who checked out to help your hotel improve its services on every aspect of guest stay.

Sentiment Analysis

We make it easy for each department to identify where they need to make improvements to exceed guest expectations.



Easily track guest feedback to improve guest satisfaction and grow your revenue